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Merchant Services
Harpwro Enterprises Inc / A Nevada Corporation
EASY and VERY AFFORDABLE domain registration & transfers!

Now you can register your own domain names with Most Popular domain names such as:
.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us
extensions for as little as...

$3.96 per year! (using prepaid Domain Credits*)

Regular price for single domain registrations is $18.90

You may also register following domain names (different price levels apply):
gTLD .mobi /.tel /.name /.pro /.asia /.ventures /.holdings /.singles /.clothing /.guru /.bike /.plumbing /.camera /.lighting /.equipment /.estate /.graphics /.gallery /.photography /.land /.today /.technology /.contractors /.directory /.kitchen /.construction /.diamonds /.enterprises /.tips /.voyage /.buzz /.careers /.photos /.recipes /.shoes /.limo /.domains /.cab /.company /.computer /.systems /.academy /.management /.center /.builders /.email /.solutions /.support /.training /.camp /.education /.glass /.institute /.repair /.coffee /.house /.florist /.international /.solar /.holiday /.marketing
ccTLD .at /.au [ | | | |] /.be /.br / .bz /.ca /.cc /.ch /.co /.de /.dk /.es /.eu /.in /.it /.li /.me /.mx /.nl /.pw / .tv /.uk [ | |] /.ws
Other .xxx

(all these have another management area)

Account Manager
Our Account Manager program gives you instant access to all your domain registration information, and easy maintenance of all your domain names. 
Besides the usual options available with any Registrar you have additional options such as URL Forwarding, Frame forwarding ( forward to the url keeping the original name), Web Name forward to subdomain ( CName), IP forwarding (forward domain to specific IP). 
Your domain name registration will be completed instantly, and will show-up in a WHOIS search within 24 hours. 
With our Transfer utility you can renew the registration of domain names at our rates by transferring them from other registrars to us. All you pay is for is a one year renewal. Don't wait till the expiration date. Transfer will add one year to the existing expiration date, no matter how early you transfer it.

*Cheap Domain Credits!

We now provide two ways to purchase and renew your domain name(s)! The more affordable option is to use our credit system option. The credit system allows one to purchase bulk domain credits thus lowering the cost of each domain purchase and renewal to $8.30 per domain and even lower for our V.ISP clients* (You just need a Web-hosting Reseller account at to have prices down to $3.96). Each domain credit equals the registration and/or renewal fee for the period of one year. The alternative option is to pay for your registrations and renewal on an as need basis using your credit card. If you choose this option, the standard registration and/or renewal fee for the period of one year is still just $18.90. Please review the following table, which shows the savings available by opening a credit account.

You will need a Reseller account in order to request a VISP account at H-NIC

On a VISP account you will have a web-hosting account with, all Joinweb hosting accounts include this domain registrations system installed, therefore you can easily start you own online Domain Name registrations service.

Standard Rates:
Amount Price Per/Domain    
10 Credits $159.00 $15.90    
25 Credits $372.50 $14.90    
50 Credits $695.00 $13.90    
100 Credits $1190.00 $11.90    
250 Credits $2,725.00 $10.90    
V.ISP Rates Clients spending more than $1000 monthly on their Joinweb Reseller account receive extra
credits as bonuses as follows:
Important - you will loose bonuses earned if Joinweb monthly sales drop below $1000
Amount Price Per/Domain Bonus Credits Per/Domain After Bonuses
5 Credits $74.50 $14.90 -- --
10 Credits $139.00 $13.90 -- --
25 Credits $322.50 $12.90 -- --
50 Credits $595.00 $11.90 17 $8.90
100 Credits $1090.00 $10.90 68 $6.49
250 Credits $2475.00 $9.90 375 $3.96
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